Credit Point

What are credit Point

Credit points are points which a user can earn following each purchase that they make with As it usually goes, higher value purchases/quantity will earn you more points than smaller value purchases.

For example –

Product Qty Credit Point(Per Product) Total Credit Point
Perfume 1 70 70
Perfume 5 70 350

These credit points can later be redeemed or convert to coupon.

Credit Point Rate Card

Parent Category have allocated Credit Points as follows-

S. No. Category Credit Point
1 Baby Care & Safety 30
2 Wellness 40
3 Deodorants 50
4 Skin Treatments 50
5 Hair Care 50
6 Electronics 60
7 Perfumes 70

Credit Point Conversion Rate

10 Credit Points = ₹ 1.0

How Can I Redeem Reward Points

Once the SendKart account holder has collected sufficient points, they can redeem those points using following ways –

  • Redeem on Checkout – At the time of Checkout of order you have option at bottom of cart to redeem you credit points, this will reduce your cart amount.
  • Convert to Coupon – You can convert Credit Points to Coupon that later on you can use to purchase any product from SendKart.
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